A little about me.

I’ve always loved art, but can’t deny the technical and detail-oriented part of my brain. I wonder if that is how I ended up studying and becoming an architect. In architecture, art and science come together, and I love how it requires both emotional and technical intelligence when creating spaces. I think Louis Kahn said it best in his quote, “Architecture is the thoughtful making of space”. 

Life is full of small, intimate details that come together to create the moments that we inhabit and enjoy. Whether it is they way a stair railing meets the stairs or that perfect shade of warm gray on a letter-pressed invite, I can’t help but notice and appreciate each detail. I think that when there is thoughtfulness, there is beauty.

I view the world with wonder, amazement, and intense curiosity. I believe wholeheartedly that there is always more to learn. This is my space to share these things with you.

Thanks for visiting,