Are you one of those people who’s first instinct is to go straight to the “about” section when visiting a person’s website?  Because that’s totally me.  I like knowing who is behind the name and a little more about what makes them who they are (or at least as much as one can conclude through a computer screen).

Just in case you happen to be like me and want to know more about the person behind this little space on the world wide web, read on for some info:

  • My name is Susan Chiang (Nope, I don't have a middle name)
  • I was born/raised/currently live in sunny Southern California
  • I did a stint up in Northern California, where I went to school at Cal (Go Bears!)
  • I’m a designer and licensed Architect
  • I’ve been told I’m pretty efficient at modeling buildings in 3D
  • For a minute, I side-hustled as a photographer until all my camera gear was stolen in an apartment break-in
  • In another life, I like to think I might have studied graphic design or attended culinary school
  • I taught myself calligraphy in 2015 so I could letter some paper goods for our wedding
  • Along with calligraphy, I discovered a love for watercolors too
  • By now, it’s pretty obvious I’m a big nerd and enjoy spending as much time on the computer as with paper and ink
  • I decided to combine my love of digital & hand-drawn items to create digital printable goods and opened an Etsy store
  • My husband and I try to travel whenever we have the chance (He’s THE best trip planner!)
  • For the Myers Briggs enthusiasts out there, I’m an ISFJ (I retook the test recently and it changed!)
  • I started this blog because I’ve always wanted to have a place to share things I love or might be useful!  

Let's be friends! Here's where else you can find me: 

For the record:  This is me in real life 99% of the time - being awkward.

For the record:  This is me in real life 99% of the time - being awkward.